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Being Pregnant in NYC

Being a pregnant lady is no easy task and it gets harder in NYC. There are several reasons behind it including but not limited to crowded and insane public transportation, lack of pregnant friends, high food cost and intense lifestyle. … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has hit New York City like never before. It has wrecked homes, bridges, electricity and many other things that New Yorkers take for granted. I was in the dark for almost 5 days without electricity, Internet, heat and … Continue reading

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Why Are We Americans Overweight?

Just very recently, I was in Paris and Barcelona for 10 days and I did a lot of people watching, shopping and even more so, eating. To my surprise, it appears most Europeans are smaller than Americans. When I was … Continue reading

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Do You Know How to Cook?

I am by no means a chef. I know a lot of people who can cook up a whole table of food with excellent display and flavor. I am not there yet and most likely will never be ranked as … Continue reading

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