Eating Around the World

Eating is probably my most talked-about subject among my friends and family. It is deeply rooted in my blood and culture. Coming from Taiwan where people are passionate about food, I thrive to find the best dishes around the world. Luckily, New York’s dining culture is even more exciting than that of Taiwan.

I enjoy trying out different cuisine and their unique offerings. New York is heaven for me because its diversity and quality of food is simply undoubtedly the best in the country. You can find various cuisines in different pockets of the Big Apple.

However, as a middle class in Manhattan, it is not always easy to eat whatever you want whenever you want. Especially during recession, it is important to watch where your money goes. Therefore, I am a strong supporter for budget eats and finding great deals such as open bars, free sampling and restaurant week events.

I will share with you more on my past dining experience and good finds on deals and cheap eats. Or you could check out my reviews on Google+ Local or!


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