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Fobby Chinese Post-Partum Care or “作月子”

I have to admit. I have slacked off big time ever since I became pregnant and it has been over a year since I wrote anything! But now that my son turned 1 today, I have determined to write more … Continue reading

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Tumblr’s Mobile Apps Updated With Improved Search And Discovery, Making Room For More Ad Spots, Too

Just started using Tumblr a couple weeks ago. I haven’t found out how it can benefit my life yet. Still used to post blogs on

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Queens Unique Eats – Salt & Fat

Ever since we moved to Queens, my husband and I have been exploring our new borough with enthusiasm, especially when it comes to the food it offers. One of my dear friends live in Sunnyside and has been raving about … Continue reading

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4 Things They Don’t Tell You about Pregnancy

As I approach the end of my pregnancy, I have found that people idealize pregnancy to women for centuries! They talked about how beautiful and amazing it is while in reality, it is bitter sweet to say the least. People … Continue reading

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Being Pregnant in NYC

Being a pregnant lady is no easy task and it gets harder in NYC. There are several reasons behind it including but not limited to crowded and insane public transportation, lack of pregnant friends, high food cost and intense lifestyle. … Continue reading

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Apple to get $6-8 for each HTC Android phone sold — is Samsung next?

I feel really bad for HTC. It has been struggling since last year and now they got slapped with this. Their revenue is going to slide even further downhill. Who really suffers is the employees at HTC and the whole … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has hit New York City like never before. It has wrecked homes, bridges, electricity and many other things that New Yorkers take for granted. I was in the dark for almost 5 days without electricity, Internet, heat and … Continue reading

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