Fobby Chinese Post-Partum Care or “作月子”

I have to admit. I have slacked off big time ever since I became pregnant and it has been over a year since I wrote anything! But now that my son turned 1 today, I have determined to write more whenever I can. So, the first thing I would like to share is Chinese Post-partum care.

What the heck is “fobby Chinese” post-partum care, you ask? It is an eye-opener whenever I tell people from non-Asian background or even non-Fobby Asians. So, Post-Partum Care is a series of customs practiced by Chinese, with variation based on the areas you are from. They follow these customs for 30 days post delivery. However, there are a few customs applied regardless of geography. Allow me to share a few with you.

First and foremost, a woman during her post-partum care cannot and should not take a shower. Yes, you read it right. That means no bath, no shower, no shampooing and no skinny dipping. I have heard from some friends they also cannot brush their teeth! Now, that is going too far in my opinion.

In addition to no shower, she cannot engage in any heavy labor or activities. This means no lifting boxes, carrying grocery bags, working out the leftover fat on her belly, etc. So, if she wants to be like Heidi Klum and loses 40 lbs in month, this is probably not going to work out for her.

Thirdly, she is not allowed out of the house. Plain and simple. The reason behind it is that she cannot risk catching a cold as her body is still weak and recovering from a major event. This is like a house arrest for 30 days. But perhaps this is an opportunity to make the husband do all the leg work?

Last but definitely not the least, she will be drinking and eating all types of nourishing Chinese herbal-infused dishes from Chicken soup to Pig Knuckle stew, aiming to help regain energy and strength as quickly as possible. Again, if you think you can start losing weight now that baby is out of you, think again. You will be eating twice as much because you will be eating around the clock. Unfortunately, you cannot be binge eating on ice cream because anything cold is off limit.

All these customs are meant to help the new mom recover from giving birth as soon as possible. In addition, Chinese believe this is the 2nd chance a woman get in her life to transform her health for the better, the first time being during puberty. Do you believe these Chinese customs actually work? If you ask any fobby Chinese, they will probably tell you yes and that is how they stay looking young!


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3 Responses to Fobby Chinese Post-Partum Care or “作月子”

  1. Happy Birthday to your son. Congrats!

    Wow – I did not know you go through all that. Sounds like a bit nutty to me but I guess it’s traditions and beliefs.

  2. EJ. says:

    #1 – glad ur back writing again.
    #2 – Please tell me you did NOT actually engage in the “no bathing” thing for 30 days!! That’s just unfair to everybody else!!!

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