Being Pregnant in NYC

Being a pregnant lady is no easy task and it gets harder in NYC. There are several reasons behind it including but not limited to crowded and insane public transportation, lack of pregnant friends, high food cost and intense lifestyle.

If you are like me and thousands other pregnant working women in NYC without a car, you are probably familiar with the commute on subway. If you are large, you are probably in better luck than I am. I don’t get noticed too often and that means no yielding. Besides, you have to watch out for drunk or reckless riders. You absolutely do not watch to get run into. Furthermore, the smell of unavoidable homeless, beggars and sometimes puke from drunk riders will certainly make your ride more miserable.

Even though I am in my early 30s, I have literally no other pregnant friends or moms. The age for people getting married in NYC is high and the age for couples to have children is even higher. So far, I am quite out of luck in this circle. Therefore, I have to seek online support group for advice and suggestions. NYC people, you need to start having kids instead of dating around!

Finally, almost all pregnancy literature advices pregnant women to eat organic. That is just great because everything organic charges am arm and a leg. So far, I am living off FreshDirect and occasionally Trader Joe’s. I just don’t understand why Whole Foods or other organic grocery stores charge so much in NYC? Do they think everybody makes banker or lawyer salary here?

However, it is not all bad living in NYC as a pregnant woman. There are some perks I do enjoy such as highly reputable hospitals and OBs, pampering salons for your aching body, and nice maternity boutiques! I am looking forward to the rest of my pregnancy journey.


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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One Response to Being Pregnant in NYC

  1. Phil says:

    I can understand what you’re going through. I ride the subways every day and so many people are rude and won’t give up a seat. Organic produce here is ridiculously overpriced.NYC is definitely a daters paradise that’s why so many have kids by late 30’s or even at 40 now. Still, we do have great hospitals and health care here. Good luck

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