NYC Top Italian: Marea

I brought my hubby here for his birthday dinner because he deserves the best 🙂 At any rate, Marea has a great name and we both love Italian and seafood so Marea comes natural to us.

We both got the set menu of $95 each. It is actually a great value. You got an appetizer, pasta, main course (fish or meat) and a dessert. They only made the appetizer and pasta slightly smaller but they keep the entree at the original size. I was very impressed.

For starters, we got the branzino crudo, which is super fresh and tender. In addition we had the lobster appetizer and it was so refreshing and flavorful. For pasta, we both ordered the octopus fusilli with bone marrow. Wow! It is absolutely delicious no wonder Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern both love this place.

We were quite satisfied by now and we got the Tilapia Filet and sirloin steak for entree. The steak was gigantic and it was very nicely done. You do have to pay $17 more than the set menu price. My fish was tender and meaty. It has a great flavor and the marinate sauce was delicious. They actually accidentally brought me the wrong fish dish so I got to have two dishes for the night! It was a nice treat!

We ended the dinner with some really sweet and delicious desserts. Mine was a lemon tart and his was a panna cotta. Thanks to the occasion, the pastry chef provided us an additional hazelnut ganache dessert on the house.

We walked out happy because the storm outside stopped and they gave the lady, aka me a muffin to go!

I will be back Marea!


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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