Piggy Out at Au Pied De Cochon

Even Alan Richman, contributor from GQ  has good words for this place so I consider this a must-try restaurant in Montreal. We managed to score a reservation at 10PM on a Thursday. I guess Montreal has a late dining culture just like most European countries and Manhattan. We arrived at the restaurant right on time and had to wait at an awkwardly narrow entry way for our table. Despite the effort trying to be patient, we were totally seduced and mystified by jars after jars of foie gras on the shelves.

Although our local friends told us how heavenly the meal is, they also warned us it could be excessively rich. We however, went against the advice and ordered a whole table of entrees with great ambition to conquer them all. We started with the cod fish fritters to share. It somehow tasted like Chinese fish paste deep fried. The cod fish is grounded up with seasoning so it tastes like fish cake fritter. It is crispy and tasty.

Crispy, Fishy Fritters that will appetize!

Then we proceeded with PCD Crispy salad and it comes with a few lettuce but is laden with fried cartilage and crispy pork meat. The flavor and most importantly, fat make the dish undeniable and delicious. We swept the whole dish within minutes. We also got an order of Bison Tongue and that is definitely the most delicious tongue I have ever encountered. I know tongue sounds frightening but in reality it is so tender and it soaked up all the sauces. We declared it a must try here.

Crispy fried pork cartilage over salad


Super Tender Bison Tongue Action

Here, we arrived at the most important moment of our meal at PCD. We patiently awaited the duck in a can. Then, the waiter brought us the famous can with cooked duck, gravy and foie gras over bed of bread and cheese. We watched him open the can and pour the wonder over the plate and we were astonished in awe. It was truly a magic plate. The duck breast was so tender and flavorful. The bread was soaked in the gravy within seconds and cheese melted to add more flavor. I had one piece and then another.

Duck Breast and Foie Gras inside the Can still!

Ready to open the Can!


Duck Breast, Foie Gras, Gravy over butter and Bread

Then, the 2nd entree arrived, the glorious “Pied De Cochon”, aka pig knuckles or pig feet so to speak. Chinese love pig knuckles so I was excited to see how they prepare this dish. To my surprise, when the dish arrived I could not even see them. They were buried deeply underneath tons of cheese gravy sauce. The best part about pig knuckle is actually the skin and they cooked it right alright. It was chewy and tender at the same time. The meat is so tender and about to fall aprt. The sauce makes the dish so rich and delicious I think I reached my cholestrol capacity after two bites.

Pig Knuckle hidden under pile of gravy, cheese and gooeyness!

I started regretting there is another entree coming. My stomach is already protesting. So we still have the blood sausage boutin tart left. I know we won’t even be able to finish them all. Then the dish arrived with piles of cut blood sausage with again gravy on top of a buttery crusty tart. I managed to try a small slice and declared I am done for the night. It was excellent but I am never a big fan of blood sausage. Everyone else really enjoyed the dish as well. In fact, we enjoyed so much the meal we decided to bring the leftovers back to our hotel although we didn’t even have a microwave. They are now back home in my Manhattan apartment, a reminiscent piece of my trip to Montreal.

Blood Sausage with foie gras over fluffy buttery tart

After entrees, the waitress came back with dessert menu but we had to forfeit it unfortunately. To be honest, for 4 people, 2 entrees will be plenty to share along with 2 or 3 appetizers. Certainly, I feel like a pig just as the “au pied de cochon” I consumed. My belly got rounder and my brain was as functional as a piece of bread.

I feel like the pig on the wall


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One Response to Piggy Out at Au Pied De Cochon

  1. Patricia says:

    I can’t wait to go…I booked for December 11th.

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