Cheap Eats under $10 in East Village, New York

There is no secret Manhattan has one of the highest living cost in the nation and dining out could be financially straining. In the East Village nonetheless, you could still find quality food for less whether it is comfort food such as pizza, sandwiches or Asian noodles and dumplings and you would not be disappointed.

Xi-An Famous Food: I love spicy food and Xi-An is just perfect for a cheap meal. Some of my favourites include their spicy lamb burger at $3 and spicy tingly lamb hand pulled noodles (dried) for $6.5. The noodle is so big you can have it for two meals.

Crif Dogs: They have over 10 kinds of delicious hot dogs in the house and each one is guaranteed to be delicious. Try their hot dog, tater tots, and chilli fries.

Artichoke Pizza: They don’t joke about their pizzas here. They give you tons of cheese on top; it is so greasy and gooey. I love their artichoke and spinach, crab and marguerita slice. Each slice is no more than $4.5 but I doubt you can have more than 2 slices here.

Caracas Arepa Bar: If you like Latin cuisine and love a good burger, Caracas brings it together for you in the form of arepa. The bun is baked and toasted to perfection and the flavors are simply explosive. Each arepa is about $7 and requires quite a wait. It is definitely worth it!

Baoguett Cafe: They serve some of the most innovative and delicious Vietnamese banh mih sandwiches. I recommend the spicy fish and sloppy Joe flavors. Each sandwich is less than $9 and it is going to rock your palate!

Plump Dumpling: This restaurant made their name from their handmade dumplings. However, my favorite here is their curry noodles soup with roast pork along with their beef chow fun. For less than $10, you can get a very satisfying meal that lasts hours.

Xi”an Famous Food: 81 St. Marks Pl

Crif Dog: 113 St. Marks Pl

Artichoke Pizza: 328 E. 14th St

Caracas Arepa Bar: 93 1/2 E. 7th St

Baoguette Cafe: 37 St. Mark’s Pl

Plump Dumpling: 174 3nd Ave


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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