Dim Sum at Grand Harmony

Out of so many dim sum restaurants in New York City, I am a regular to a couple spots. My favorite remains Golden Unicorn on Catherine St but it is a little bit out of the way and almost always has a long line. My second favorite is Jin Fong Restaurant, which is on Elizabeth and Canal Street. It serves delicious and inexpensive dim sum as well. However, I really dread the wait.

Fortunately, one day my friend introduced me to Grand Harmony, another Cantonese/dim sum restaurant right on Mott Street between Canal and Hester. It is actually quite big that it can hold wedding banquets here. Besides, they have good dim sum comparable to the quality of Jin Fong but minus the long wait. Furthermore, you see less non-Chinese crowd here, which proves the authenticity of this restaurant!

Now when you go to a dim sum place, you have to order the chicken feet. I personally do not and have not tasted it but the majority of my Chinese friends claim it is such a delicacy. So, if you have the spirit of Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Food, you absolutely need to try it. In addition, we ordered the shrimp dumplings, shu-mai, beef meat balls, spare ribs, fried sesame balls, beef tripe with turnip, and sticky rice in bamboo leaf.

You have to try their beef tripe with turnip. they give you a big bowl with tons of tripes and turnips. It is very flavorful and is great with chili oil. Their sticky rice in bamboo leaf is also excellent. It comes in 2 servings and is perfect for sharing. The shrimp dumplings here taste fresh and the skin is thin yet chewy. I also like their roast pork buns but they don’t come around on the cart. You have to actually order it from the waitress or waiter. Get their pan-fried turnip cake too; it is freshly made and is crispy on the outside and silky smooth on the inside.

Overall, Grand Harmony is a great dim sum place that has reliable food and services and requires much less wait time. The average price per person is $10.  If I don’t want to get the headache from waiting for an hour for dim sum on the weekends, Grand Harmony is a perfect choice.


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Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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One Response to Dim Sum at Grand Harmony

  1. Priscille says:

    It’s great to find a restaurant where you really enjoy going. Here in Mauritius, we have many chinese restaurants offering Dim Sums also. Last month we, my husband and I, found one unexpectedly, where the Dim Sums were simply delicious!! We will definitely go back there soon! And we tried some of the specialties you mention above…

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