Scandinavian Fanfare – Aquavit

My father used to work at a Swedish company and he used to travel there all the time for business. I was not so lucky in the aspect and I am curious what Scandinavian food consists of besides meatballs.

Finally, restaurant week granted me the chance to sample it for a reasonable price!

For appetizers, we tried the herring sampler and boar salad. I was a bit scared to trry the herring at  first because it is basically cold fish. It tastes surprisingly good and there is very little fish smell. The wild boar salad was also great. My boyfriend, who doesn’t like salad so much, was totally impressed.

Herring Sampler

Wild Boar Salad

I got the Asparagus Barlotto for entree and my boyfriend got the roast beef. The asparagus dish tastes like creamy asparagus risotto but it uses barley so it is actually healthier. I got to say the dark green color make the dish slightly undesirable but again it surprised me. The roast beef is also good but I guess it is not very special.

Asparagus Barlotto

Roast Beef

I really like their dessert, Budapest Cake, which is chocolate and hazelnut moose cake paired with ice cream. The dish I got, Cardamon pound cake, is good but nothing to rave about.

Budapest Cake

Cardamon Pound Cake

The service is definitely 5 star and I really like their simplistic design. I am glad I got another great NYC restaurant under my belt.


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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