A True Story of One Night Stand

I have heard enough stories and seen enough movies about how guys just want to get one night stand with chicks and flee the scene. However, the story I heard this weekend is quite the opposite. This happened to a friend of mine and it proves that girls now can play the game quite well surprisingly.

My friend invited this girl he was interested in to a birthday party with him. After a whole night of dancing and chatting, he took the girl home. However, he realized he shouldn’t because he would much rather develop something more than just a one night stand with this girl. So, he told the girl he was going to bed. He resisted a night of sex with the girl he was into and I think that was really something.

Later that week, my friend told me the story and asked my opinion because he wanted to know how the girl might think of him now. I mean, seriously, if you lied next to a guy and he just went straight to bed, that might be a big blow on the self-esteem. But he did continue texting and calling her to keep the conversation going and most importantly, to show his interest in more than just sex. I praised him for his rational decision and the will power it took to fight against men’s second brain.

Unfortunately, it turned out that all the girl wanted was one night stand with him. He was shocked and told me he should have just had sex with her instead of holding out. I didn’t even know what to respond! This girl has a pe**s! She just wants to use and abuse my friend! I guess my friend, should have just make the best of the situation and maybe the girl would be more attached and come back for more!?!

I don’t know if this story is going to inspire more men to just have more one-night-stand for the heck of it? I surely hope not because there are still a lot of girls out there looking for more than just flings.


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2 Responses to A True Story of One Night Stand

  1. steve says:


  2. EJ. says:

    Interesting … but not a newsflash to me!
    Maybe i’ve known too many girls in my lifetime (sadly), that have told me about just wanting to hook up with a guy, make out with guy, just get taken out on a date, or even just giving out their number sheerly for the ego boost of getting attention. All for the fun of it, with no intention of looking for an actual ‘relationship’.

    I think it’s just a common and widely accepted stereotype. Guys are heartless and don’t want anything more than to have sex and run, and girls are the poor innocent victims who get taken advantage of, robbed of their “prize possession” – their sexuality, and only want 1 man to trust and love …

    Both are bull. People are people. And Men and Women vary across both ends of the spectrum. Some are selfish and are out to take whatever they can get from other people, while others are looking to build something solid and significant with another person. And neither is exclusive to either gender.

    Oh, and I don’t think your friend played the game well at all! If she did, she would have hammered the guy, making him THINK they had a future together, and THEN did the disappearing act after getting what she wanted.

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