Great BBQ in NYC – Hill Country BBQ

BBQ is deeply rooted in American culture and I mean seriously, who can resist succulent, tender, smoky ribs or brisket? Hill Country, a BBQ restaurant located in north Chelsea area, can satisfy your BBQ craving.

Unlike other restaurants, Hill Country is a cafeteria style restaurant. You get a table and meal ticket and then you walk to the meal counter to select and order what you wish to get. My table decided to go for the Sunday dinner special, which includes 1/4 chicken, 2 beef ribs, 2 baby back ribs, beef brisket, 2 small sides and 1 order of dessert for merely $20/person.

We have 3 guys and me and none of us could finish all our food! We got 8 sides in total – sweet potato mash, collared green with bacon, mac and cheese, beef chili, potato salad, baked beans and corn pudding. Every side is delicious and I love their sweet potato mash especially.

The main meat fest was simply massive. I think their best dish is the cow rib; it is so tender, juicy and scrumptious. Baby back rib is nice too but not as outstanding as the cow rib. Beef brisket has a great flavor too but I think it could be a bit juicier.I couldn’t even touch the chicken at dinner!

Although I couldn’t put more BBQ down my stomach, there is always room for dessert! We got the pecan pie, cookie dough ice cream, German chocolate cake and PB&J cupcake. I think the best ones are the pie and cake. Ice cream is good and the cupcake is a little dry. OMG, I think by the town we finish all these, I was about to pass out due to food coma!

We paid for our meal and had to walk all the way home to burn some serious calories! I can’t wait to come back here for some more of those ribs! oh and some of their sausages too!

Meat Fest for 4

8 Sides for our meat fest

More sweet little things


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