Modern Pastry in Boston Serves Freshly Made Cannolis!

Mike’s Vs. Modern Pastry

Modern Pastry

After reviewing Mike’s Pastry last week, it is time to judge Modern’s Pastry and decide which one has the best cannoli. Mike’s and Modern are right across the street from each other. Just like the rivalry between Philly Cheesesteak establishments, Gino’s and Pat’s, it is dead intense. In my opinion, both pastry stores have their distinct strengths that attract loyal followers.

I came on a Saturday afternoon and the line already formed outside the store. After about 20 minutes wait, I got inside and was absolutely excited to see beautiful pastries on display and could not wait to try their legendary cannoli and other pastries.

They have all kinds of chocolate truffles, Italian chocolates, wafers, home-made cannoli, cupcakes, cakes, fruit tarts, biscotti, and bread. I ordered 2 mini cannoli, 1 chocolate biscotti, one chocolate almond bar and a chocolate covered strawberry all for $8! I am so delighted by the price because in NYC that would have cost me more than $15 easily.

So, after trying their cannoli, my judgment is that their cannolis are truly the best! Unlike Mike’s Pastry or any other cannoli I have tried, Modern’s cannoli is crispy on the outside and ultra soft and fresh inside. Fresh squeezed cream does make a difference! The other pastries are great too and their chocolate biscotti is full of pure chocolate. On the other hand, Mike’s Pastry definitely outshines Modern in terms of variety of pastries and desserts (they have gelato too!) So my recommendation is try both places!

The Magic Box!

"I Love You" Heart-Shape Cake

Vanilla Custard Cannoli

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry


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One Response to Modern Pastry in Boston Serves Freshly Made Cannolis!

  1. Helen Cheuck says:

    I don’t know much about the cannoli’s but you absolutely have to try Mike’s Pistachio cookie. It’s to die for!

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