Review of Neptune Oyster Boston

Fresh and Tasty Oysters and Seafood

After consulted Amy Cao, the famous and most friendly food blogger, on where to go in Boston, I have come to the conclusion to try out Neptune Oyster. My first attempt on the Friday night before Valentine’s Day failed. I would have to wait 2 hours just to be seated and there was no way I could hold my hunger for that long.

Therefore, I decided to come back at noon the next day to give it another try. Luckily I arrived early enough to beat the crowd at 12PM. It just so happened my friend from NYC and his date happened to visit Boston and Neptune at the same time and they went all out to order all the oysters they have on the menu. We ordered some oysters, shrimp cocktail and lobster rolls on our own.

Since I don’t eat oysters, I could only quote my friends and boyfriend’s sayings. They really love the oysters for their flavors and freshness. They dislike the clams because they are too salty and you could taste sand in your mouth.

I personally, love the cocktail shrimps because they are huge and super fresh. The best part of the meal though, is their lobster roll made buttery. It costs $25 but it has so much lobster meat, fresh and buttery soaked in a nice bun with a big side of french fries. I feel like in heaven when I bit into the roll.

If you are ever in Boston, make sure you check out this tiny but intimate seafood restaurant. The long wait is worth it!

Oysters from Union Oyster House

Oyster and Shrimp Cocktail from Neptune Oyster

Best Lobster Roll


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3 Responses to Review of Neptune Oyster Boston

  1. Hi, truely adore the blog and will be returning back in the near future!

  2. ronbonc says:

    I ate the lobster roll at Neptune Oyster and it was obscenely rich! Uhm yeah, I liked that to….

    Nice pictures, if you’re ever in the RTP/Triangle area, check out my blog Foodalicious Follies

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