Review: Union Oyster House

This is America’s oldest restaurant and it has visitors ranging from politicians, historical figures to celebrities. With a great history behind it, Union Oyster House has been featured in Travel channel and Food Network. Therefore, it is one of my must-visit stop to Boston despite some mediocre reviews I saw on

It looks like this restaurant still keeps it old design and decor with some posters and photos of celebrities who came to dine here. They have a bar on the first floor and quieter dining areas and private party rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor. After an hour or so wait, we finally got seated and our waiter was super friendly and nice.

Since I don’t eat oysters, I have my boyfriend do the honor for me, ordering a dozen of the native oysters. We also shared a bowl of their famous Clam Chowder. For entree, he got the boiled Seafood Platter and I got the Seafood Newburg.

The clam chowder is very thick and creamy. They definitely add a ton of heavy cream in it and it is undoubtedly tasty. Honestly, I think they could add more clams. Oysters on the other hand, according to my boyfriend, are very fresh and contain little after-taste. I really like my entree, Seafood Newburg. It is consist of shrimp, lobster meat and scallops sauteed in creamy sauce with a cream puff and side of rice pilaf. They gave you a generous portion of seafood and the creamy sauce is just perfect.

The boiled seafood platter is amazing too. They gave you salmon, scallops, sword fish and shrimps with potatoes. My boyfriend and I were both stuffed at the end. What do we think of Union Oyster House? It serves pretty damn good seafood and just think about the fact that JFK, Sam Adam and other famous people used to dine here, I could say I have been here too!

Clam Chowder with Crackers

Oysters from Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House Menu

Seafood Newburg

Boiled Seafood Platter


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