Free Cantonese Class in Manhattan!!

I am posting for a friend, Kim Mui:

Dear friends and supporters of the Cantonese & Toisan Cultural Society,

Lay ho mah? (How are you?)

First day of classes: Saturday, January 16 Jan. 23Jan. 30, Feb. 6th

Feb. 13 – Chinese New Year – No Classes

Feb. 20Feb. 27Mar. 6Mar. 13Mar. 20
Mar. 27 – No Classes

Location: 273 Bowery Street, cross st. is Houston st.2nd floor, classroom 4.

Our new class schedule is:

Beginner’s Cantonese: 1:30pm-2:30pm(Handbook $7)
Advanced Beginners Cantonese: 2:40pm-3:40pm(Handbook $7)

Classes are free, donations are greatly appreciated.

(Must purchase Cantonese Handbook $7)

Please RSVP via email at:

Or Check Out her NEW Cantonese & Toisan Cultural Society Blog.


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13 Responses to Free Cantonese Class in Manhattan!!

  1. Jie Liu says:

    Is it still available to learn Cantonese? Is it too late for response? I am eager to learn Cantonese,I speak mandarin. Is any possible to squeeze to class? I am looking for your response. Thank you!

  2. Eldon Reeves says:

    If I was in Manhattan, I would so be there. Hope it goes well 🙂

  3. nancy says:


    I was just wondering if you are still giving free lessons. I am interested in finding free lessons of Cantonese, and Toisan if available. Thanks,


  4. Sue says:

    hi Athena,

    I came across this blog posting on a cursory google search for cantonese classes in NYC. the links you’ve provided are dead links now, and I’m wondering if your friend is still teaching these classes or if you know of someone else who is? thanks so much!

    • Athena Chang says:

      Hi Sue

      Sorry I dont think she is teaching anymore!

      Good luck!

    • Athena Chang says:

      Sorry for the late response. The teacher finally resumed the class! here is the info:

      Free cantonese & toisan language lessons orgranized by Cantonese & Toisan society : levels: beginners and intermediate
      when: on thursdays june 23 to thursday july 21 thursdays only/ time: beginners 6 pm to 645 pm intermediate 6pm to 730pm –
      will pair up with other cantonese /toisan speakers &learners to practice, materials will be available and some games for fun!

      Classes are free but must purchase a drink since were using the space at the cafe: Suggested donation to cover costs of materials for program $3 /book needed, but optional, before coming to beginners class sold at barnes n nobles for $40 book with cd ,info: book name:complete cantonese ,teach yourself cantonese , isbn 978-0-07-175060-8 and mhid 0-07-175060-6 author hugh baker and pui kei ho or go to where: 30 mott street chinatown silkroad mocha cafe Please reply toemail to rsvp and txt msg when at cafe:contact kim 9175478590 oom goy! See u then !

  5. Paul Battis says:


    I’ve recently completed the Pimsluer CD language class on Cantonese. Its 30 1/2 hour lessons and I’ve learned it all thoroughly. Now I want to learn more and continue on learning this most interesting of languages. I’m not sure what level I would start at but would probably best be suited for beginner level as the entire Pimsluer course only really teaches me about 100 words but in many different situations.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Paul Battis

  6. want2learn says:

    is it still available now and throughout the rest of the year?

  7. Lidia says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, My company is currently looking for a Cantonese language trainer for a businessman who is relocating to Hong Kong in September. He would like to have some pre-departure language training (about 20 hrs), at his office downtown Manhattan. Preferred days: Tuesdays and Thursdays, around 5:00 pm. Hourly rate: $ 25
    If you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested, please send me a resume or CV.
    Thank you

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