Myths of Online Dating

I have never tried online dating sites, not because I don’t trust them but because I haven’t had the need to. However, I do know some friends who have been using sites such as, and other free versions such as

I personally think online dating sites are great creations for busy singles in modern society to meet more eligible candidates or friends. It opens up another outlet for people to meet while they fail to meet people in their busy or sometimes, boring lives. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee you will find a match. What is more interesting is there are myths surrounding online dating sites that I think people should realize before they embrace this new medium.

1. Online Dating is not superficial: Wrong! Online dating is totally superficial. You need to post pictures (preferably more than one) so the users know you are not too ugly, fat, thin, pretty or dorky looking for them. It is true that they also match you based on other important traits BUT most users want to see the pictures to construct an image of you.

2. Online Dating eliminates those crazy nut jobs or weirdos: WRONG! Online dating is a microscope of our society where most people are pretty damn crazy and/or weird! Don’t think filling out 100 questionnaires online could stop thse weirdos from approaching you. I mean, seriously, when they ask you what your body type is? Do you really put obese? or overweight?

3. Online Dating is easier than offline dating: To a degree, I would say yes. It is easier to ask touchy subjects, to ponder what, who and when to write/respond and to ignore people you don’t want to contact.  However, I believe it is harder to tell a person’s true emotion in words if he or she decides not to express through words. Also, what a person writes does not necessarily represent how he/she really acts. More importantly, people sometimes misinterpret words and eventually they got lost in translation.

Despites all these myths, I still believe that online dating provides hopes and promises for people who are seeking love and friendship online. It is with caution, openness, and the right attitude that online dating can possibly deliver your true match.

Do you have a good online dating story to share?


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5 Responses to Myths of Online Dating

  1. james says:

    I find it hard to judge someone without seeing facial expressions and body language. The way you see yourself is usually different from how friends or the opposite sex see you. Someone may write beautifully but be socially awkward or vice-versa.
    When reading what most women want, I find it riddled with contradictions. They will want a family man who is career-minded, someone sensitive but in control, etc.
    I’m sure it’s useful for some just not me (not yet).

    Nice blog by the way 🙂

  2. likeomigod says:

    Let me know what you think of my story. : )

  3. Matt says:

    Great blog posting. Very interesting. I’m somewhat new to the city (9 months) and recently out of a relationship, so I can completely relate with this topic.

    I’ll be honest (as you were), I have NOTHING against dating sites but every time I dip my foot in the water I just feel like a weirdo for some reason and backed out.

    All of my longest relationships were actually people I met at work. Clearly I have no problem dating coworkers.

    Online, I feel like you can meet people better through peripheral means, Yelp, for example. In fact, although Yelpers go out of their way to emphasize how Yelp is NOT a dating site, it is my experience that everyone at the Yelp parties are largely single and in major cruise/hookup mode.

    The last two dates I had were girls I struck up conversation with on the train, actually.

    And very strong feelings on this: while popular sources constantly cite gyms as a great place to meet people I couldn’t disagree more. 99% of people working out have headphones blasting and are covered in sweat. Since when was that fruitful ground for a romantic overture, or even casual conversation? I find that asking someone on the train about what they’re reading is much more natural than tapping someone on the shoulder, having them pull their earbuds out, saying excuse me, then asking some forced question about weight lifting.

    Feel me? Keep up the blogging.

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