Georgetown Serves Butler

Georgetown Basketball during Time Out


Georgetown vs. Butler Half Time Score Board

Georgetown vs. Butler 2nd Half Score Board

Me In Front of Hoya Bus

Me In Front of Hoya Bus

This was the first game Georgetown played at MSG this season and honestly I was excited and nervous at the same time. My memory of them losing to St. John’s in March this year is still vivid. They began this season with 6 great victories over lesser opponents and I certainly hope they could nail one more. I dug out my grey Georgetown basketball t-shirt and my blue hoodie and was ready to cheer for my team with other fellow Hoyas.

All the anxiety went away right after I saw how many other fellow Hoyas attending the game. MSG was packed with alumni, current students, young and old. We were all pumped to see Georgetown play again at MSG and we certainly hoped they could keep up their straight wins. “I Bleed Hoya Blue” is what we swear by and live for. We were here to support Hoya Basketball!

Georgetown once again proves to be a strong team with solid players and excellent teamwork. There were several turnovers and errors but we managed to keep the lead and eventually defended our perfect record. We won by 72 to 65 against Butler and now stand at 7-0 record. Greg Monroe, among all, scored 24 points, 15 rebounds and 2 blocks. He has grown into a more mature and definitely an unselfish team player. Austin Freeman also did a fantastic job by scoring 18 points and 4 rebounds. Chris Wright on the other hand, was not as effective as he could be but he delivered 7 points 4 assists.

It was a perfect game for me. I saw our players mature their skills and worked hard together to help the team succeed. Their return to MSG proves to be a success and the victory is ours. I actually waited outside for the players to come out so I could thank them for playing such a great game. Monroe, Freeman, Wright and Clark all seemed very happy and signed their autographs for me. I even said hi to Coach John Thompson III and he was as nice as he could be.

We served a good game and Georgetown Hoya proves to be ready as ever for the Big East Tournament. I can’t wait for them to return to MSG at next game!


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One Response to Georgetown Serves Butler

  1. Anthony Garcia says:

    What a game! Great poise to overcome the foul troubles in the 2nd half. Too many turnovers but the team sort of “grew up” before our eyes. It’s their time now to make their mark on Monroe is leading the charge! Big game tommorrow against the Huskies! Hoya Saxa!

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