Top 3 Reasons Why You are a Single Asian woman in New York

This is just my personal opinion and I am open to suggestions. But here is why I think there are a lot of single and looking Asians women in New York City.

Reason #1: YOU are CRAZY! Yes I am an Asian woman too but I have to admit there is some degree of craziness in us. Why? Because we tend to fantasize this perfect man exists on earth and one day we will finally be with him. So even though these women have tons of suitors, they turn them away and wait for the next “supposedly perfect” guy to appear.  Guess what? The perfect dude never shows up and hence these single ladies remain single. Symptoms include ladies complaining about their date’s height, income, look, sense of humor, sense of fashion, sense of direction, wealth, family, dogs, body odor, where they live, what car they drive and their teeth.

Reason #2:  You act so desperately to find a boyfriend/husband that you make yourself look like the last item in Clearance Sale that is either getting SOLD eventually or getting DUMPed. You might not think you are putting out but our Martians already smell it like a feet away. Symptoms include constant calling your date about trivial things such as what brand of TP you should buy, what kind of deodorant you should use, and what TV channel he is currently watching. Also, you appear in every single meetup or networking event and do not miss talking to every guy at the parties.  Guys would think you are acting like you need to sell yourself NOW.

Reason #3: You dress/look like your grandma. Ladies, please. Look at yourself in the mirror before you head out. I have seen beautiful girls out at parties wearing styles from the 70s or cover up every inch of their skin  like she wants to hide some big scars behind those clothes. Or worse, they have damaged hair or untouched toenails. It is unfortunate to say yes, men are shallow. But aren’t we all? So it is important to leave a good impression. You don’t need to dress like a slut but dressing like an old crazy cat lady won’t help either.

So if you are a single asian lady in the house, let me know your thoughts.


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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6 Responses to Top 3 Reasons Why You are a Single Asian woman in New York

  1. Shawn says:

    ok hook me up with your single asian girlfriends!

  2. Kathy says:

    Great entry. It’s important to add that we have whacked out parents who traumatizes every guy we bring home with questions regarding his annual salary AFTER taxes, what’s his blood-type, and when they can expect grandchildren?

  3. Ed Wong says:

    You are forgetting the “Miss I think I am all that” attitude. Some girls think they are to good for guys or gods gift to men and would never go out with some guy before giving them a chance.

    its a shame that the perfect mate could be in front of them and some women will dismiss them just based on appearance alone.

  4. Doug says:

    Asian women need to give more of themselves. They are too uptight and hide their true feelings with laughter or “I’m too good for you” attitude. There are plenty of men out there… just open up a little more.

  5. Simon says:

    I’ve always thought it was the other way around. As many know, “Yellow Fever” has been an ongoing trend. The most prominent example is how the ratio of AF/WM couples is always disproportionally higher than that of AM/WF couples. Why is that? I don’t know what’s it like in other parts of the US but if you walk anywhere in NYC, it’s evident. In such a big and diverse melting pot of a city such as NYC, Asian women shouldn’t have difficulty meeting men.

    There are some Asian women who simply do not date Asian men, choosing to only date outside of their race and there are others who date outside of their race for social mobility.

    It’s not to say Asian men aren’t without faults either.

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