Gyu-Kaku East Village

To sum it up, Gyu-Kaku never fails to satisfy me with amazing flavors.

For my birthday, I went to Gyu-Kaku with my Taiwanese girls crew. This is a great place for Japanese style BBQ. You could grill your own food and enjoy the meal while cooking. We have 4 people so we decided to go for the $180 “Shogun” prefix for 4 and it was totally worth it. There were about 15 dishes so we all left feeling satisfied yet not stuffed.

It started with appetizers of 5. There are Ahi tuna sashimi, miso flavor salad, kimchi, dumpling soup and sukiyaki bibimbap. The Ahi Tuna sashimi is so wonderfully seasoned and fresh. The salad was refreshing and even the dumpling soup broth is outstanding.

Of course, the main attraction lies in the meat selections here. We got a lot of kobe beef mignon, skirt steak, vegetable, fish, shrimp and some mushrooms. Each item is so tasteful we could not stop praising their flavor and tenderness.

Finally, the dessert is s’more and dorayaki ice cream of 2 flavors. This is fun and so yummy! We got the green tea and red bean ice cream flavor and they just taste awesome on the pancake buns.

I highly recommend this place to anyone who hasn’t tried it out or who hasn’t had Japanese BBQ. They also have great daily happy hour specials. Here is their website:


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Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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