Need Ideas for a Date Spot? US Open

Rafael Nadal vs. Gael Monfils at US Open 3rd Round

Rafael Nadal vs. Gael Monfils at US Open 3rd Round

Forget about those lounges and high end restaurants. After going to US Open this Tuesday, I officially recommend US Open Stadium the hot spot, where you can cuddle, eat waffle fries, cheer and enjoy a great game with your date or significant other.

First of all, the stadium has a great night view of Citifield and its surroundings. This is totally a great spot to make out and appreciate the scenery.

Besides, one ticket can get you to watch two games so you could easily spend 4+ hours together without breaking banks. I was here to watch Rafael Nadal vs. Monfils and also Williams vs. Pannetta. I got here at 6:30 and the games didn’t end till well past midnight!

Furthermore, September is usually a little chilly at night, especially at stadiums, so you could cuddle and snuggle all you want 🙂

Last but not the least, US Open is about 30 minutes away from Manhattan and that means you get more time to spend with your hot date. If you get lucky, you could probably go home with him/her since it ends late!

So if you live in new York, don’t forget to check out this fantastic sports event!If you need more information, go to US Open’s Website.


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