What would you do when you run into your boyfriend’s ex?

Girls Fight in the Club

Girls Fight in the Club

Normally, I would have ignored her and pretended I don’t see her. But this time, I was in a situation where I had to do something different.

This past Friday was my first head-on encounter with the crazy ex. I have only heard stories but good lord it was nothing like personal experience. So here is how it went down. We were meeting some friends at a club and we got there around 11:30. We walked in and my boyfriend immediately saw her sitting in the corner. So we turned around and hung out at another corner. Then, we bumped into some friends and we danced with them for a bit but then they decided to dance near the ex and her crew. So we had to again excuse ourselves and danced in another corner, while we waited for our good friend, Tom to arrive.

The whole night was dancing while trying to avoid being too close to her. Ok let me get this straight. I don’t like her coz she is fugly and I know she is a b**tch. But the main reason we don’t want to be close to her is that she totally wronged my BF and he doesn’t ever want to talk to her ever again. Now, she finally realized that after 1 year and half and wanted a closure from him. Too bad she isn’t not going to get it!

So anyway, Tom finally got into the club around 1AM and we were dancing and trying to find a good spot. So our crew decided to head downstairs but I saw the ex and her boyfriend went downstairs too. So, my boyfriend and I decided to hang around on the 1st floor and would only go meet our friends when it was clear. Then, after a while, I sae the ex and her BF got upstairs and right when we were heading down, she rushed to us and started demanding talking to my boyfriend in a very harsh and high pitch tone.

My boyfriend made it very clear that he doesn’t want to talk to her in any capacity but she started to get violent.  She grabbed him by the collar in one hand and grabbing me by my arm and tried to hold me back by the other hand. I have never ever encountered anything dramatic and violent like this. I mean I thought this only happens on reality TV while those crazy bitches were pulling hair, pushing each other away while cursing. But i was so furious that she didn’t respect his wish and used violence to try to get her voice heard. So I basically pushed her back and told her to go f*** away.

She still wouldn’t let go either of us, still pulling and still pushing. So obviously the whole club saw us. My boyfriend was trying to stay clear because otherwise, people would assume he might have attacked her. Thanks God one of the promoters got in and tried to pull her away. My boyfriend got away for one sec and gave her a big fat finger. LOL and then she came back and started doing the same thing. We were almost at the door this time. The bouncer saw what happened and broke her loose and let us out the door. During this whole drama event, our friends were downstairs and didn’t witness what went on and strangely, her boyfriend was MIA too. They should have all seen what went down and recognize what a freak she is.

Finally, we left the club and called our friends and told them what happened. Everybody was shocked to hear about the drama. Strangely, my boyfriend had a nightmare only a few nights ago about being asked the same question. He told her to go f** herself in his dream! I really wish someone had a video recorder to tape down what happened coz it would have been a good clip on YouTube for you to laugh at!

So next time if I have to go through this again, I wouldn’t be nice, verbally and physically. What would you do if you were me?


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5 Responses to What would you do when you run into your boyfriend’s ex?

  1. Malcolm says:

    You should put up a pic of one of them girl fights like a still from Jerry Springer or something. Images help bring traffic to your site, but make it relevant. Anything called girl fight or cat fight would be appropriate. She sure seems to have an attitude. She looks like she would be high maintenance.

  2. Kierstin says:

    I would have pushed her down the stairs and say its self defense lol to be honest i never liked her in the first place, always thought that she was one of those ghetto hoodrat sluts haha sorry jae!

  3. Jonathan says:

    man… next time rock that bitch in the face and stab her brain with her nose bone. what a psycho!!!!

  4. Shai says:

    Team WONG =)

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