NYC’s Vietnamese Sandwich Craze

It has been a sensation in New York to get a Vietnamese sandwich. New places pop up around town and unique flavors were thus created to satisfy this new trend.

My favorite spot however, is still Banh Mhi Saigon located in Chinatown. The shop is hidden behind a jewelry store on Mott Street. If you walk past i, you will most likely miss it unless you are looking for this place intentionally. There is no seating area, no waiters, no hot towels waiting for you.  What they do have is recession-friendly Vietnamese sandwich. A pork sandwich costs merely $3.5 and chicken flavor is $4. The sandiwch is stuffed with seasoned meat,pickled radish and carrot, and cilantro.

Comparatively, Baoguette Cafe on St. Marks adds a little more creativity. In addition to traditional flavors, they also serve sloppy joe, catfish and other new combinations that attract their loayl customers. Sandwiches here run from $5 to $8.

My heart still belong to Banh Mhi Saigon though. You just can’t beat the $3.5 sandwich that comes in 1 foot long size (almost) and its flavor lingers in your mouth…

I wonder what will be the next craze? Fried chicken?

You could find the reviews for Banh Mhi Saigon here on if you are interested in.


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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