I love NYC Sample Sale

There are plenty of reasons why I love NYC. One of them is ongoing sample sales. This is the one of the very few cities in the US that hosts sample sales from many different brands. And this is why I feel broke.

I started going to sample sales about 2 years ago. I was reading New York Magazine one day and I came across the Shopping section. I discovered they have a great Sales Calendar thing that tells you when and where sample sales will be held around the city. That to me was if i discovered America! I also got newsletter from Daily Candy. What’s even better, I worked in Chelsea and there are two major sample sales venue right around the corner. There goes my money.

I have been to the sample sales of Rebecca Taylor, Bulga, Intermix, Salvadore Ferragamo, Rebecca Minkoff, LAMB and more. Let me tell you this. The price at sample sales are by far the lowest I have ever seen. They always outbeat online prices and retail. Therefore, if you live in some countryside or cities where there is no sample sale, your best bet is online. Fortunately, for me, I could easily get to these sample sales by merely a subway ride!

I got the ultimate excitement when I get the best deals and buy the bags/tops/dresses i would normally not even touch. It feels great to look at my newly acquired items and think I nailed a good deal! This is a dangerous game though. Sample sales are always going on and my bank account is hurting… So after suffering for a few months, I woke up from my sample sale shopping spree. I curbed my urge by setting a set budget on how much I am allowed to spend and try not to go over it. Also, I try to go on the last day of the sample sale because typically they will cut the price even more to get rid of the inventory!

I still go several times per year but I get over the undeniable urge. After all, it is the recession and I need to save for more important and practical stuff, like a Tag Heuer watch? I am just kidding 🙂


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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