Do You Know How to Cook?

I am by no means a chef. I know a lot of people who can cook up a whole table of food with excellent display and flavor. I am not there yet and most likely will never be ranked as a “Top Chef”. Nevertheless, I am still shocked to find out how many people nowadays don’t know how to cook at all, be it man or woman.

Maybe it is necessity. I never ever really cooked until I moved to the US by myself 6 years ago. Back then, I have a wonderful mother who excels at cooking and baking. Any Chinese dish you could think of, she can most likely make it. All I needed to do is open my mouth and put the delicious food in. Now I don’t have the luxury of a live-in mother or chef and I need to figure out what I could eat!

Obviously dining out or buying food for every meal is not an option for me. I could not afford it and do not want to do that either for health reason. So, I gradually picked up cooking from making a bowl of instant noodles to making a whole table of dishes to feed 8 people.

For me, cooking my own meals proves to be more economical as well as healthy. You could save money from being robbed by restaurants for their high markups. Besides, you can control the source, quantity, quality and portion of the ingredients.

You could utilize your creativity while cooking too.  You could mix and match and create your own dishes and call them your own. You don’t necessarily need to go back the recipe once you have a good grasp on flavors and the chemistry among different ingredients. This is how dishes are invented at restaurants and we could totally do that as well.

It is a shame people don’t know how to cook or choose not to. For me, it is like they would rather waste money and/or be lazy. I am not opposed to dining out. On the contrary, I dine out pretty regularly at either fancy restaurants or local eats. I go out to seek inspiration and I appreciate the creativity and mastery of chefs. But I do think home cooking is important and I am afraid the tricks and secrets of family receipes will be long lost if everybody drops cooking due to convenience or laziness.


About Athena Chang

Love traveling, dining, and cooking. Digital marketing professional by day, globe-trotting foodie at heart.
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