Fobby Chinese Post-Partum Care or “作月子”

I have to admit. I have slacked off big time ever since I became pregnant and it has been over a year since I wrote anything! But now that my son turned 1 today, I have determined to write more whenever I can. So, the first thing I would like to share is Chinese Post-partum care.

What the heck is “fobby Chinese” post-partum care, you ask? It is an eye-opener whenever I tell people from non-Asian background or even non-Fobby Asians. So, Post-Partum Care is a series of customs practiced by Chinese, with variation based on the areas you are from. They follow these customs for 30 days post delivery. However, there are a few customs applied regardless of geography. Allow me to share a few with you.

First and foremost, a woman during her post-partum care cannot and should not take a shower. Yes, you read it right. That means no bath, no shower, no shampooing and no skinny dipping. I have heard from some friends they also cannot brush their teeth! Now, that is going too far in my opinion.

In addition to no shower, she cannot engage in any heavy labor or activities. This means no lifting boxes, carrying grocery bags, working out the leftover fat on her belly, etc. So, if she wants to be like Heidi Klum and loses 40 lbs in month, this is probably not going to work out for her.

Thirdly, she is not allowed out of the house. Plain and simple. The reason behind it is that she cannot risk catching a cold as her body is still weak and recovering from a major event. This is like a house arrest for 30 days. But perhaps this is an opportunity to make the husband do all the leg work?

Last but definitely not the least, she will be drinking and eating all types of nourishing Chinese herbal-infused dishes from Chicken soup to Pig Knuckle stew, aiming to help regain energy and strength as quickly as possible. Again, if you think you can start losing weight now that baby is out of you, think again. You will be eating twice as much because you will be eating around the clock. Unfortunately, you cannot be binge eating on ice cream because anything cold is off limit.

All these customs are meant to help the new mom recover from giving birth as soon as possible. In addition, Chinese believe this is the 2nd chance a woman get in her life to transform her health for the better, the first time being during puberty. Do you believe these Chinese customs actually work? If you ask any fobby Chinese, they will probably tell you yes and that is how they stay looking young!

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Tumblr’s Mobile Apps Updated With Improved Search And Discovery, Making Room For More Ad Spots, Too

Just started using Tumblr a couple weeks ago. I haven’t found out how it can benefit my life yet. Still used to post blogs on

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Queens Unique Eats – Salt & Fat

Ever since we moved to Queens, my husband and I have been exploring our new borough with enthusiasm, especially when it comes to the food it offers. One of my dear friends live in Sunnyside and has been raving about her neighborhood gem, Salt & Fat. Therefore, we paid a visit on a weekday night to experience the goodies.

After my first visit, I fell in love with Salt & Fat! It is such an unnoticeable restaurant and only opens during dinner. A place like this in the city will mean long line, high price and hipster crowd. On the contrary, it is very cozy, relaxed and intimate here.

We tried many dishes here and I love everything we got. Isn’t that great? They serve small-mid portion style so make sure you order a little more than the number of people to get enough food. One of the best perks here is their free bacon fat popcorn for the table. Who can resist bacon-infused popcorn? I can think of no one. Now, my favorite dish is their duck breast. It is so fatty and tender I think I can eat all of it by myself. The pork belly is also a winner, another fatty and tender dish. The pork bun comes in 3 and is a great delight. If you love Fois Gras, you have to try their Shaved Fois Gras with citrus. It is probably so far the most innovating and unique way of serving fois gras. It melts right in your mouth in a light and fluffy way. The oxtail terrine is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Their Fried Chicken comes in 4 large pieces and are very tender inside and crispy on the outside. The dipping sauce is sweet and spicy, perfect for deep fried chicken. Finally, if you feel guilty about consuming nothing but fat, the apple prosciutto salad is very refreshing and light.

We ended our dinner with all of their desserts. They are all quite simple but delicious. The rice crispy with ice cream is very good and so is the panna cotta with ice cream. If you love ice cream, you have to try their Ice Cream Trio.

Salt & Fat is a true neighborhood gem and we love each and every dish we ordered here. Also, it is close to our new apartment is easily accessible by 7 Train. I just wish they would open for brunch! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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4 Things They Don’t Tell You about Pregnancy

As I approach the end of my pregnancy, I have found that people idealize pregnancy to women for centuries! They talked about how beautiful and amazing it is while in reality, it is bitter sweet

Brunch Cruising on Hudson River

Brunch Cruising on Hudson River

to say the least. People ignore some of the really inconvenient truths about pregnancy. I am therefore, sharing my personal experience with you all so you are not left in the dark.

First of all, you literally will pee in your pants. You must think I am joking. Sadly I wish I were. It happens later in your pregnancy and usually when you cough, sneeze or laugh too hard. At a moment like this, I feel like an old lady who loses control of her bladder and need an adult diaper!

Additionally, your belly becomes a magnet for everyone’s hands. Your friends, coworkers and even strangers, man or woman, love to touch your belly, which once upon a time deemed private and unapproachable.

Thirdly, ugly comfortable shoes become your best friends. I was hoping to stay fabulous and elegant during pregnancy. I also witnessed celebrities wearing sexy killer heels during their pregnancy. Therefore, I never though high heels become unbearable when I approached 3rd trimester. My feet are swollen and I can barely walk for more than 2 hours in even sneakers! Consequently, style is out and comfort is in! I am only wearing comfort shoes that in the past only my mother will purchase.

Finally, they don’t tell you having a child is like having another mortgage! You can say goodbye to your urge to buy new bags, jewelry and new designer outfit. While your single or childless girlfriend is debating on whether they should buy the new Louis Vuitton bag or a pair of Christian Louboutin heel, you are struggling with paying $20,000 the first year on a stroller, diapers, crib and more to come.

Now, after reading my blog, I hope you are READY for having a baby of your own. It is a very important decision for you and your partner and should be thought out carefully. It is an amazing experience to say the least. I hope this helps you prepare for your future pregnancy!

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Being Pregnant in NYC

Being a pregnant lady is no easy task and it gets harder in NYC. There are several reasons behind it including but not limited to crowded and insane public transportation, lack of pregnant friends, high food cost and intense lifestyle.

If you are like me and thousands other pregnant working women in NYC without a car, you are probably familiar with the commute on subway. If you are large, you are probably in better luck than I am. I don’t get noticed too often and that means no yielding. Besides, you have to watch out for drunk or reckless riders. You absolutely do not watch to get run into. Furthermore, the smell of unavoidable homeless, beggars and sometimes puke from drunk riders will certainly make your ride more miserable.

Even though I am in my early 30s, I have literally no other pregnant friends or moms. The age for people getting married in NYC is high and the age for couples to have children is even higher. So far, I am quite out of luck in this circle. Therefore, I have to seek online support group for advice and suggestions. NYC people, you need to start having kids instead of dating around!

Finally, almost all pregnancy literature advices pregnant women to eat organic. That is just great because everything organic charges am arm and a leg. So far, I am living off FreshDirect and occasionally Trader Joe’s. I just don’t understand why Whole Foods or other organic grocery stores charge so much in NYC? Do they think everybody makes banker or lawyer salary here?

However, it is not all bad living in NYC as a pregnant woman. There are some perks I do enjoy such as highly reputable hospitals and OBs, pampering salons for your aching body, and nice maternity boutiques! I am looking forward to the rest of my pregnancy journey.

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Apple to get $6-8 for each HTC Android phone sold — is Samsung next?

I feel really bad for HTC. It has been struggling since last year and now they got slapped with this. Their revenue is going to slide even further downhill. Who really suffers is the employees at HTC and the whole Taiwan economy.

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Lessons Learned after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has hit New York City like never before. It has wrecked homes, bridges, electricity and many other things that New Yorkers take for granted. I was in the dark for almost 5 days without electricity, Internet, heat and cell phone reception as many other residents in Lower Manhattan.

I felt lost, abandoned and separated from the outside world. I had to walk 25 blocks to get any sort of civilization. I was running low on food and it was getting unbearable to live in our apartment without hot water to shower and cell reception to call anybody. We were lucky not to be directly hit by the flood and surge. However, we still suffered a great sense of lost and confusion as our neighborhood was in complete darkness and the possibility of looting and danger was lurking if the situation dragged on.

Fortunately, we got power back after 5 days in the dark but it has not been so lucky for the others who remain in the dark and have to face the cold and lack of power continuously for the days to come. It is not all bad coming out of the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Here are some lessons that hurricane Sandy has taught me.

First of all, we can never over-prepare for a disaster. I have enough batteries, candles, flashlights, solar lantern and radio to keep us going and informed. The dried food was also keeping us from starving. Secondly, it is important to have friends. This sounds cliches but without them, we could not stock up on more non-perishables and get hot meals uptown. Finally, it is through this disaster we learned to appreciate more things that we tend to take for granted. The electricity that we have come to get used to, the heat equipped in our apartment and a hot shower that awakens our body and keep us clean.

New York city is still in the process of rebuild as residents and local businesses are coping with loss and trying to stand up on their own feet again. We don’t know when the next disaster might hit us again but I hope we as New Yorkers will be better prepared and the government has a better plan to keep New York safe.

P.S. Here is a link to an AP article, in which I was interviewed for my experience when power came back.

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